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Who signed up for this shit?
Posted By David Henderson, 13/01/2015 4:29:00 PM

Oh, that’s right, I did. We've all (or most of us have) done it.   When a shiny new role is beautifully wrapped in professional fulfilment and neatly tied with a promise of development; the package looks pretty good, right? But when you open it up to find an old pair of dirty shoes, what do you do? How do smile and say thank you? How long do you wear them for?

If you wake up one morning and find you've been swindled out of your dream job (often by stealth), here’s what you need to do;

  1. Be confident - ignore that self-doubting resident in your head; yes you are good enough, yes you are worth more than this, and yes you can do this role but you are choosing not to.
  2. Be courageous – know when you need help and be brave enough to ask others for it, and to do something about your situation.
  3. Be optimistic – sure, be angry or sad or regretful for a (very short) while, but then you need to look up and check out what’s around you. Remember, you’re not trapped, you’re spoiled by many choices and opportunities that may simply not be clear to you yet.
  4. Be thankful - every rain cloud has a silver lining so find yours and be thankful for the insights and learnings (professionally or personally) that this role has given you (yes, there will be some positives to take away!).
  5. Be forgiving – don’t beat yourself up or others for being where you are. Forgive yourself and the organization or people around you so you can mentally move on quickly and positively.
  6. Don’t be a victim – those who are closest to you and the receiver of your rants will naturally be supportive and empathetic for a while but avoid playing the helpless victim card.

Before narrowly dodging a career as an accountant I learned about a finance accounting term called a sunk cost. Know it? By applying this financial concept to non-financial situations, it simply means; when you find yourself in a position that is not bearing dividends, don’t let the professional or personal investment you've made to date impact the future decision on what you do next. It’s a sunk cost. You need to be prepared to cut all ties and move on.

So...Get creative, get active, and get out; life's too short for tattered shoes and shit roles you didn't sign up for.

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