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Don't neglect the basics
Posted By Nick Barnes, 30/10/2014 4:09:30 PM

A recent survey by the PR academy found that 47% of PR and communications professionals identify measurement as an area of professional weakness.  The most popular area respondents identified for skill improvement was digital communications.

As someone who has conducted my fair share of communications reviews, a clear and common failing, certainly when it comes to communicating internally, is getting the basics right.  We are all prone to fads, but with all this information and technology, it is vital that we remember the principles of good communication and our role in making sure we design and deliver messages that get seen and heard.

While measurement and research may not be the crux of a world changing comms plan, it is critical to demonstrating the value effective communications brings

Without measurement, you are relying, at best on anecdotal evidence to know what has worked and what didn’t give you a return on investment.

Research brings insight, and without insight communicators cannot deliver.  If measurement has taken a back seat in your function to the likes of Yammer and VLOGs, you will be losing more than a fancy report filled with charts and infographics. 

For any communication to be successful, it has to be relevant and rooted in research insights.  Get the basics right first and you are more likely to create good communications that engage the audience and get the message across. 

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