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Social supply and demand
Posted By David Henderson, 13/01/2015 4:58:40 PM

A relaxed dinner out with friends and not a child in sight. Insert giggles, animated hand gestures and excited, rising voices.

Then the wind changed direction but there was no Mary Poppins or a spoonful of sugar in sight. The dominant topic of conversation in our blissfully offline setting was the online world. The number of Jo’s* selfies, James’* obsession with his dog, Johnno* always showing off his body? Jane’s on there ALL the time. Kids. Home cooked food. Restaurant dishes. Check ins. Kids. Exercise. Pets. Nothing was safe. I ordered a saucer of milk for the table and let the cattiness continue.

At what point does social media turn from entertaining to tolerable to downright annoying? Sure, there are (many) things people do on social media that I find annoying. I have no doubt I contribute to someone else’s annoyance (in fact a friend told me recently that I was not ‘showing enough interest’ on Facebook).

Where does the social media supply and demand curve intersect? Or conversely, where does over or under supply strike an unpleasant cord with your online circle of friends?

You may not be able to manage the supply side but you can certainly take more control of demand. Arianna Huffington recently spoke about more and more leaders (including herself and CIO’s of large global companies) taking a digital detox at least one day a week. I’m on board with an offline break. It’s okay to log off. 

*not real names… 

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